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Retrofit Double Glazing.

Retrofit double glazing is the process of replacing your existing single glazing with insulating glass units (IGU's). The process is quick and unobtrusive. The only difference you will notice is a more comfortable temperature all year round. This is not a low quality, clip-on solution. Our IGU's are purpose built for each home, and meet the highest construction standards. All materials will be colour matched as close as possible to suit your existing frames. For more information on Retrofit click Here.


Frameless Glass Showers.

All Total Glass frameless shower enclosures are made of Tempafloat toughened glass from the Saftey+plus range. Quality heavyweight frameless showers are custom made to meet individual requirements. Consult with Total Glass in the early stages of bathroom construction as it is important that relevant trades understand the design requirements of a frameless glass shower enclosure. 




Painted glass Splashbacks.

For behind your kitchen bench or used as a shower lining. We can custom make your glass splashback and paint it from any colour in the Resene paint range. Come into Total Glass and see our showroom with painted glass on display.


Aluminium and Glass Balustrades.

We use aluminium balustrades from and high quality frameless glass fixings from Juralco Products. We nave both aluminium and frameless glass balustrade on display at Total Glass.






Windscreen replacements.

We can replace your cracked windscreen or your broken side glass and rear windscreen. If you have a chip on your windscreen we can repair that with our HPX3 repair system. As we are Smith&Smith authorised dealers we are the preferred repairer for most insurance companies. We can also provide a pick up and drop off service within Greymouth.


Also see Total Glass for.

  • 24hr Emergency service. 

  • Broken windows.
  • Broken Shop fronts.
  • Cat/Dog doors.
  • Truck and car Wing Mirrors.
  • Mirrors.
  • Tabletops.
  • Cut to size glass.
  • Glass for your coal or wood burner.
  • Toughened Glass.
  • Insurance work.
  • Double Glazed units.
  • Tractor Glass
  • Leaking Windscreens.